When in doubt, add more

These are the words of my favorite teacher at University. I studied Textile Technology and Design at Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb. She thought the Design of the textile in the way to let as do anything in any medium as long as it would exist long enough for her to see that. We could put living insects on a piece of colored paper, but had to keep them there so she could see that. I don't remember anybody doing that, but several art work went bad (rotten) before evaluation at the end of the semester.
Good think about fiber-rective dye is that the molecules of the dye bond chemically to the molecule of the silk fiber and after steam setting aren't physically present on the surface of the silk. That means they don't change the way silk shines, drapes or feels against the skin. Thanks to that characteristic I can paint a layer over the layer on the silk.
This is the scarf I painted some time ago, on a day that I didn't seemed to have enough inspiration:

So, I decided to add some more:

...and more...

 and more:

...untill I was satisfied:

Much better, isn't it?


  1. hi Tanja - thanks for visiting and following my blog! Always nice to meet another silk painter.

    I agree with you - that scarf definitely needed something and you nailed it! Great job on the watery/organic background.

  2. Thank you. It's good to hear another silkpainter's opinion.

  3. Hi Tanja, it is great to see you started your blog! I am very happy to discover that.. Congratulations on your work!!! Pozz Alex, navrati na www.alexandramaradin.blogspot.com